Anti Discrimination Policy

Royal Park Reds


Royal Park Reds Cricket Club proudly stand by this policy




Royal Park Reds Cricket Club (the “Club”) endorses diversity, supports equal rights, and does not advocate, support, practice or tolerate discrimination, bullying, victimisation or harassment based on race (including ethnic origin, nationality and colour), political or religious belief, age, marital status, pregnancy, language, sex, gender identity/expression,sexual orientation, disability, breastfeeding, employment activity, industrial activity, or physical features (together the “Protected Characteristic”)


Statement of Purpose


This policy intends to ensure the safety and inclusion of all players and members at the

Club, that all individuals within Royal Park Reds Cricket Club are treated and treat one

another with respect and dignity. The intention is to foster and maintain a culture of trust

within the club to treat everyone equally.


Who this policy applies to


This policy applies to everyone involved in the Club including players, members and

committee members.


This document sets out:


● The Club’s policy against such discrimination, bullying, victimisation and harassment;


● The governance structures, responsibilities and processes that have been

established to give effect to that policy.

Anti­Discrimination, Bullying, Victimisation and Harassment

The Club recognises the following as unacceptable:


1. Discrimination: when someone is treated unfairly and is disadvantaged because of

a Protected Characteristic, whether covered by applicable legislation or not, except

where affirmative action may be required to redress individual or social

marginalisation of people from disadvantaged groups. Discrimination can be direct

(i.e. treating someone less favourably because of a Protected Characteristic) and

indirect (i.e. applying a provision, criterion or practice which can disadvantage

individuals with a particular Protected Characteristic);


2. Harassment: unwelcomed behaviour relating to a relevant Protected Characteristic

or unwanted conduct of a sexual nature where the behaviour has the purpose or

effect of:

A. Violating the dignity of the recipient; or

B. Creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive atmosphere for

the recipient or any other individual affected by such behaviour.

Anti­Discrimination Policy ­ Royal Park Reds

Harassment includes any written, physical, or verbal conduct that from the perspective of a

reasonable person is intimidating, offensive or humiliating and may involve (but is not limited

to) any of these behaviours:

A. Excluding or isolating someone from activities or interaction;

B. Verbal abuse;

C. Humiliating someone through sarcasm or insults;

D. Intimidation;

E. Sledging on the cricket field;


3. Bullying: the misuse of power or position to criticise persistently or to humiliate and

undermine an individual’s confidence; and


4. Victimisation: when someone subjects another person to a detriment because he or

she has in good faith taken action under the relevant legislation by bringing proceedings,

giving evidence or information in relation to proceedings, making an allegation that a person

has contravened any aspect of the relevant legislation or doing any other thing for the

purpose of or in connection with any relevant legislation.

The Club takes all claims of discrimination, bullying, victimisation and harassment seriously.

We encourage anyone who believes they have been harassed, discriminated against,

victimised or bullied to raise the issue with the Club (see Processes).

Responsibility lies with each and every Club player and member to ensure that

discrimination, bullying, victimisation and harassment does not occur.




1. Club representatives will:


● Implement and comply with this policy;

● Promote a culture of effective policy compliance across the club;

● Regularly review the leadership and commitment given to eliminating discrimination

and harassment through active promotion of this policy;

● Review this policy every 12­18 months;

● Make reasonable accommodations to allow diverse groups to access benefits

provided by the club;

● Take into account the diverse range of lived experiences of individuals from

historically marginalised communities in their relationships with the Club;

● Delegate responsibility for compliance to officers, where appropriate, with

responsibility for particular sections;

● Analyse material breaches and identify compliance system weaknesses for

systematic trends and ensure that any adverse trends are addressed; and

● Support and assist any victim of discrimination, harassment, bullying or victimisation

who would like to make a complaint to other authorities (i.e. the league’s governing

body or the Victorian Equal Opportunity and Human Rights Commission etc.).

Anti­Discrimination Policy ­ Royal Park Reds


2. All Club players and members at all levels will


● Ensure that they are aware of the club’s policy against discrimination and


● Comply with the standards of behaviour in this policy;

● Where appropriate, suggest ways in which practices, systems and procedures could

be improved so as to reduce the likelihood of discrimination, bullying, victimisation

and harassment occurring;

● Follow the guidelines outlined in this policy (see Processes) if they wish to make a

complaint or report a concern about possible discrimination, bullying, victimisation,

harassment or other inappropriate behaviour.




The President will initially review the club’s procedures in all areas to ensure that these are

in accordance with the principles expressed in this policy, and will report to the Board on this


The committee will review any changes to the club’s procedures in all areas to ensure that

these are in accordance with the principles expressed in this policy.

Players and members will follow these procedures. Individuals who do not comply with

and/or who breach this policy will be subject to disciplinary actions which may include but

are not limited to:


1. Written and/or verbal warnings

2. Withdrawal of any awards, placings, records, achievements bestowed in any season,

activities or events held or sanctioned by the Club

3. Fines

4. Mediation between the offended and offending parties

5. Requirement of attending awareness training or learning modules

6. Temporary suspension of involvement with the Club

7. Mandatory and permanent termination of any further involvement with the Club

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