The Split

'Like any good political entity, we had a split in the 80s'


Legend has it...

How one club became two is shrouded in the mists of time and several fridges full of beer.


The fact that there are two clubs known as 'The Reds' is the source of some confusion.


Depending on who you speak to the club split for a range of reasons. Some say the split was acrimonious, others will say that it was harmonious.


Some will say the split was about the style and type of cricket that was to be played. Which style and which club adopted it is also interchangeable depending on who you talk to.


Neither can decide what type of Socialists either are; the Royal Park Reds claim to be 'Maoist' or 'Stalinist' depending on the prospect of playing finals or being relegated.



Ultimately we can tell you that we are the Royal Park Reds. We formed in 1979 and took up residence at Poplar Oval some five years later.


Shortly after that a group of players left to form Reds Cricket Club and play in the Mercantile Cricket Association. They currently have teams in C and D grade in MCA.


You can read about their story and club here.



Royal Park Reds socialist roots mean that everyone gets a go. We take all comers and cater for as many types of cricketers as we can manage. 


This ethos means that everyone gets a say and continues to influence our status as a unique sporting entity within our cultural landscape.


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