Walker Street West Info


We have access to the roller door at the rear of the Pavilion; Keys are in the safe at Poplar.

There is a hessian, a white on- pitch and green three pitch cover up the back right hand side that are for Walker West.

Please hold onto pegs at all costs. They are worth their weight in gold. Best to take them with us if not required to be used.

Check the MCA site for information regarding covers. Need to be neatly rolled and packed in the shed if covers are not required at the end of days play.



We have access to the rooms at the back of the pavilion on the left hand side opposite the umpires rooms. There is a padlock and key for the rooms that lives on the scorers table.


Tables and Chairs

Can grab a scorers table and stackable chairs from the players area in the pavilion. Need to go back at the end of the day.


Stuff Needed

  • Cones
  • Stumps (Non- Metal Base)
  • Marker Spray
  • Cordial
  • Drink container
  • Eski and Ice bricks
  • Pegs


The more that can get done before play, the better. There’s a large Eski and a blue trolley at Poplar that can be filled with gear on the training night previously.


Stuff to be done pre-game

  • Covers removed
  • Cones out
  • Drinks filled – this can be done in the players area in the kitchen
  • Eski filled with tea – this can be left in the players area before play begins
  • Scorers table and chairs out



  • Drinks filled – this can be done in the players area in the kitchen
  • Tea to be put out (table nearest to the doors)
  • This can be left for players to graze on if req.


Stuff to be done post game

  • Covers on or folded and rolled (if applicable)
  • Cones marked and in
  • Table and chairs to pavilion
  • Tea cleared
  • Drink container cleared
  • Cones, Stumps, Marker Spray, Cordial, Drink container, Eski and Ice bricks, Pegs into Eski and back to Poplar.


Have a beer and enjoy the day!

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