Wades gets runs: Club loudmouth tees off

‘When on earth will they use COMMON SENSE?’ The Reds community have been setting their chat channels to mute after their data limits were tested this Read more

Ben Zika - It's the Vibe

Ben Zika and his alter ego Benny Zika Captains the 3 rd XI at the Royal Park Reds Cricket Club. He’s the inventor of the ‘Goanna Ball’; a delivery that Read more

Graham Bonney - I'm being good

Graham Bonney was finished with cricket til The Reds came knocking. Callum McCrow speaks to a special cricketer and a unique coach. Before our interview, Read more

Pie warmer, beer fridge to be discussed at AGM

After much consternation during the past season, the issue that has rocked the inner city club to its very core is set to be tabled as an agenda item Read more

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