Royal Park Reds

We're the only socialist cricket club in Melbourne. This means that we are always trying to find ways to stick it to the man and support our players under a simple principle;


'From each according to his abilities and each according to his needs'

Play cricket at The Reds

Playing cricket at Royal Park Reds in 2019/20 is as easy as showing up.

We're currently training every Tuesday & Thursday from 5pm til sundown at Poplar Oval.

Feel free to join in or check out or other training dates.

Registration Fees



- $50

- $200

We're an open access club. That means that allowing as many people to play at our club as possible.

Lower fees for students and unemployed.


We currently field four teams across the Mercantile Cricket Association and the NWMCA.

This is a vast spectrum of grades to suit all abilities.

There's A-Reserve Turf right down to the social Sunday teams.

royal park reds cricket club

a socialist cricket club in melbourne